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Date : 2022

Duration : 4 months 

Team : 17 People 


Radiant Dawn is the last project of our 4 year in Game Sup Lyon.

Radiant Dawn is JRPG were you play as Sunny a young girl,

her village was cursed by an evil force who live in a Celeste

Dongeons that you need to climb with the help of your team

of pet to ressolve puzzle and fight monster. 

Made in 4 months with a team of 17 people the project was quite challenging and even more when members of our team start to find internship and leaves the project, we end the project with 10 people left.

Having 40% of the team leaving during the project as a hard impact and need us to react quickly with very powerful decision to make to keep the project alive with our expectation.

On the project my job was to do visual scripting on Unreal 4 for the exploration part, I also work close to the Game Arts to implement and give them tools to give life to their idea in the game (like the flying creatures).

I also take part in Game Design descisions during meetings, telling them what's wrong, how to fix it or how to make it better.

It was a real good experience and a real pleasure to work with the team to give life to this concept.

Here is the trailer and gameplay walkthrough and a link to download the vertical slice and PowerPoint présentation: 



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